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Northern Border Commission to Provide Federal Grants for Upstate NY Projects
The Northern Border Regional Commission program will award a total of $1.1 million in federal community and economic development grants this year to upstate New York municipalities and...more

Homeless Will Be Home For Good
Los Angeles County has an initiative that intends to help the homeless by connecting them with a place to live. With the Home For Good project, it seeks the most at-risk and chronically homeless...more

Celebrating Excellence in Community Finance
Parity Trust, a local community development finance institution (CDFI) which provides access to affordable finance for business start-ups, charities, social enterprises and homeowners, has been...more

Child Protection Advocates Raise Voices against Abused and Neglected Children
In recognition of Child Protection Day, advocates lobbied at the State Capitol rallying for the protection of children in Texas. The child protection supporters donned blue and white shirts...more

Career Pathways for Better Paying Jobs
COWS (Center on Wisconsin Strategy) and CLASP have profiled adult workers in every state who are in need of better skills and wages. One approach to helping low-income adults and long-term...more

Study Finds a Large, Educated Workforce
A child care workforce study finds a larger, more educated workforce, with more than half of center-based caregivers have an associate's or bachelor's degree, nearly a third reported a BA or...more

Dearborn Heights Presents Proposals for Community Development Block Grant
Dearborn Heights officials hope to tap into the annual U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grant by presenting proposals. The Community Development Block Grant funds are geared for...more

Feeding America Upset of House Bill Cutting $39 Billion from SNAP
Feeding America, the country's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, responds to the passage of the House Bill that will cut $39 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP,...more

Reading Program Needs Volunteers
The Start Making a Reader Today Program, organized by SMART, is seeking for volunteers to help them cater to more than 700 student participants in Klamath County. The program reportedly needs 95...more

World Bank’s Africa Launches Gender-Based Programs for Economic Development
World Bank Africa kicks off two substantiated-based programs to accelerate its commitment to develop gender-related initiatives and solutions in Africa. The two programs are the Africa Gender...more

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